Our Mission

Never Give Up Radio (NGU) was founded in 2018 by Liam Cavanagh, Former Director of Hockey Operations at Robert Morris University and founding team member Alton "Albee" Daley, current first-year medical student and former captain of The University of Massachusetts-Boston Men's Ice Hockey team.  The mission of NGU is to create a community of people aimed at reversing the stigma associated with mental health through sharing the experiences, stories and expertise of athletes, coaches, nutritionists, and doctors across athletics. We’re all just people trying to make it. Lets make it together! 


Liam Cavanagh

“Holding onto the rail, staring down 100 feet to what could be an irreversible decision. I have been there. Unless you have experienced it, it is hard to comprehend or even put your thoughts into words. After publicly opening up about my struggles with severe anxiety and depression, I decided something needed to change. No one deserves to fight this struggle on their own; there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and sometimes you just need a little help finding it. Never Give Up was established to help bridge the communication gap relating to mental health. Your now is not forever, let’s change it.”
- Liam


Albee Daley

“After seeing some of my closest friends, teammates and family members suffer from serious and at times debilitating bouts of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, I knew I needed to use my platform as an athlete, leader, and educator to work towards reversing the ongoing stigma associated with mental health illness. This led me to get involved with NGU in 2018 with the my long-time friend, Liam Cavanagh. As a future physician, I take tremendous pride in the work we have done and continue to do at NGU and hope to continue to work towards a society filled with acceptance and understanding rather than stigmatization.”
- Albee


marketing & SOCIAL MEDIA

“When everyday is a struggle between you and your brain things that others may find normal can sometimes be terrifying.  I know first hand what its like to battle through anxiety day in and day out.  The worrying, the restlessness, the irritability, and the over-thinking of everything, it’s invisible and it’s hidden behind a false smile masked by a pretense that all is well. The foremost principle of this cause is to help people, and if we can help just one person get through another day and put a genuine smile on their face, then for me it will all have been worth it.
- Shawn


Justin Brock
Executive Accountant

”During my time as an athlete, we didn’t have a choice other than to remain silent about mental health issues. As a member of NGU, it is my goal to help athletes, military members, and everyday professionals understand that they do have a choice.”
- Justin


Topics we discuss

  • Methods for minimizing stress through yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques.

  • Why transparent and cohesive team environments are so important.

  • Personal accounts of mental health struggle from people of all backgrounds.

  • Optimal nutrition for mental health.

  • The importance of mental health education for parents and their children.

  • How have we gotten to this point with the stigma?

  • The importance of making a daily commitment to your own mental health.

If you’re helping one person, it’s worth it.
— NGU Founder, Liam Cavanagh