a Voice for those Who Have Been Silenced

Never Give up Radio is a platform focused on kicking the stigma that currently surrounds mental health. Through sharing stories of hope and resilience, and from hosting athletes, doctors, veterans and a wide array of other guests who provide years of experience and personal insight into the mental health field, it is our hope that we can supply people with the education and tools necessary in order to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Our goal is to make this topic easier to talk about with family and friends. To normalize this discussion does not lessen the gravity of its importance, rather it makes people more aware and more willing to reach out, help, and most importantly, to understand eachother. Let’s get to work!

Who We Are

Find out about our mission, goals, and methods for ending the stigma associated with mental health within athletics.

Together, we can all make a difference!

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The Podcast

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It’s all about learning how to control the controllables! On this page you can find all the resources necessary to learn about your mental health, how to treat it and how to live your life!

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Stories of Hope

This is where our NGU Community comes together to share the stories of their battle with mental health. On this page you can share your story or simply be inspired by others!

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I know I’m not an athlete but your podcast has honestly made me look at my life differently. I’ve been super depressed at times and something about your podcast makes me feel really good. I appreciate everything you are doing. You are inspiring.
— Elizabeth Stanton, Dedicated NGU Listener