the power of food

Eating healthy is easier than you think. Don’t get caught up in the misconception that healthy food “doesn’t taste good”, you just need to search for the right recipes! Although meal prepping and meal plans make life much easier when it comes to a strong diet, it is not mandatory. Take a look below and some foods to try to consume more or and some to avoid!

power foods

Avocados - Our brain’s need healthy fats!

Apples - Antioxidants and fiber.

Blueberries - Anthocyanins

Cabbage - Indoles

Fish & Fish Oils - Omega 3’s

Garlic - Detox & antibacterial

Mushrooms - Immune system

Almonds - Omega 3’s and fiber

Eggs - Protein

Flaxseeds - Fatty acid

Pomegranates - Antioxidants

Red Wine (small amounts) - Flavanoids and resveratrol

Dark Chocolate - Flavonols & Antioxidants


Caffeine - Stimulant and psychoactive drug

Artificial & Refined Sugars - Causes sugar crashes, fatigue, lack of focus

Gluten - Anxiety trigger for some

Processed Food - Additives and preservatives

Alcohol in Excess - Toxin that leads to improper mental/physical function

Dairy - Inflammatory


Fried Foods - Trans fats

Fruit Juice - SUGAR

Sodium from nitrates and nitrites - Can effect the Neurological system


Of course reading the list above, you may be thinking “well, I guess I can’t eat anything anymore”. This is a common misconception. If you are truly looking to improve your mental health with a strong diet, it is important to stick to what works. Our mental and physical functioning is optimized by some foods and not others, this is just simply the truth. With this said, everyone’s body is different and different things will work for different people. For example, some individuals will be deficient in micronutrients such as zinc and magnesium, but not all! Above were some foods that are known to be “Power Foods”, but there are plenty more that have been scientifically proven to help benefit your mental health. If you are interested more in this, check out below or contact Albee for more information on how to optimize your diet and your health!

Ok, I want to meal plan now!

Of course there are plenty nutritionists and dietitians out there that could help you out with planning your meals. But, before you dig into your pocket, try checking out a couple different free sites that you can actually build your own meal plans online. There are many resources out there that can truly make eating healthy ease for you and target your specific life schedules! If you have additional questions, reach out to us for help!